We were proud to host the ProductTank AMS June 22nd meetup about efficient and effective working at Springest.

As a product-y person, you are usually required to communicate often and with many people. How do you make sure you still have time for “deep work”?

None other than David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done Time Management method, opened the evening. He made an entertaining plea for you to not attempt to store all your new ideas in your brain. That thing is already busy enough dealing with the 50.000 conscious and subconscious decisions you make each day. “Your mind is a crappy office.” Tough to argue with.


David also gave the crowd a sense of how his company has been running on Holacracy –an operating system for organizations– for the past 6 years.

This served as a nice bridge to Jaap-Willem Mol from VergaderVerkalking (“if you’re not Dutch and you manage to pronounce that, I’ll buy you a beer”). Jaap-Willem talked about the three basic principles that lie central to effective meetings: rules, roles and feedback. He had a good tip: find inspiration for more effective meetings in the Holacracy Tactical & Governance meeting at Springest video produced by VergaderVerkalking.


Dennis Paagman, Product Owner & Developer at Springest, closed the round of presentations. He showed how GTD & Holacracy help us be productive and aligned on our goals, from the whole company down to each circle and individual role. Some concrete examples included quick peeks at our publicly visible & continuously evolving Holacratic structure at roles.springest.com, and an example of our actual current OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).


ProductTank organizer Iris van de Kieft closed the event by hosting a nice panel session with the three speakers and an engaged audience.


Thanks to the audience, the speakers and ProductTank. We love hosting meetups at our Springest HQ (with a view over the IJ river!). For example, we’re actively involved in the Amsterdam & Netherlands communities for Product, Holacracy and Ruby. So, reach out to Dennis if you’re interested! We’re also hiring backend/frontend/full-stack developers, spread the word!

Photo’s taken by Mark Mulder, Developer at Springest.